Post clipboard to targets

Reading books, articles or surfing through internet on your phone you might want to share interesting quote and publish it in your social networks. Using HyraxHub you can publish it on both Facebook and Twitter with one tap.

Copy link to clipboard Register targets in web HyraxHub application
Share clipboard on Android You can send to targets either from PC or Android. Sync Android application so it would be able to download targets.
Paste from clipboard on your PC Copy any text to clipboard on Android and you will see HyraxHub notification to share clipboard. Pressing Tag on this notification you will send it to all connected targets, for example Facebook and Twitter.

Share link or text from Android gadget and use it on PC

No need to send link to yourself by email or using evernote. Just copy to clipboard on phone and paste it on computer.

Copy link to clipboard Copy text to clipboard Copy link or text to clipboard.
Share clipboard on Android Share clipboard Press Share notification from Hyrax in Android notification bar.
Paste from clipboard on your PC Paste data from clipboard Press Shift + Ins on your PC to paste link or text in web browser from clipboard.

See phone notifications on PC

Never miss SMS, messages or other notifications coming to your phone when you work on PC. HyraxHub can show all these notifications for you.

Copy link to clipboard Install HyraxHub for Android from Then install HyraxHub for Windows here
Share clipboard on Android Android notification on PC Press "Test notification" button in android HyraxHub and you will see test notification on your computer.
Paste from clipboard on your PC Android notification on PC Test Android notification is shown on your computer.

Send file or text from computer to phone and/or Facebook and Twitter

The esiest way to transfer file from PC to phone is run command like. First you need to install windows HyraxHub client. By the way using tags you can post items to Facebook and Twitter

hyrax.exe -u "user name" -p "password" -m "This is some text."
hyrax.exe -u "user name" -p "password" -f "c:\myfolder\myfile.jpg"

Following arguments are supported:

u - User name from
p - Password for the user
m - body of a text message
f - path to the file you would like to send
t - tag for a posted item

Run script on PC sending message from phone

How to start music on PC using you mobile phone? HyraxHub helps with it. First of all you need to install windows HyraxHub client. There is "edit script" item in context menu when you click on HyraxHub icon in system tray. Then edit script to start some peace of script when particular text, file or system notification comes.